About me


Hi! My name is Michelle (@misha.eliz) and I’m here to share my perspective with those of you who are interested! I’m a 6ft tall gal whose looking to cover a variety of relatable topics, but I won’t lie, some will just be for my tall girls! 

Here’s the thing, I’ve been sitting on the fence with starting this blog for a long time now for a few different reasons. I don’t have the time (nonsense! I sit on a train for over 2 hours a day) Why would others want to read my posts (I don’t know, but who cares?)  I could be more productive with my time (to date, during my train commute to and from work I’ve been sleeping or reading trashy crime novels so….. Fact: Writing is a great stress reliever and I could sure use that most of the time!

I’ve always enjoyed writing and have been an avid journal-er in the past but stopped somewhere along the way – you know, when life happens? So here I am ready to bare my soul (just kidding – ready to share my limitless opinions) with the World Wide Web!!

Side note: You’ll come to learn that I am an old soul who often presents online as a much older lady who says things like “world wide web” and “g2g” (remember in 2000 when that was the shorthand for gotta go bye? Well I still use it because it’s efficient and I find it hilarious). Granny game strong 💪🏻

Here I go, out into the great unknown! Wish me luck and leave kind words if you’re so inclined.

Kisses 💋