Do It Yourself!

A HUGE draw for DIY projects for me is the savings but there’s also something to be said about creating something for your home and enjoying the crap out of it! When we first bought our home I went on a furniture re-finishing rampage. There’s this re-purposed entertainment centre that I schnazzed up with Annie Sloan’s duck egg blue chalk paint that I still pat myself on the back for. Like, I did that! Go me!

I feel like the space you’ve got tells you what direction your design should go in. My space in the burbs did not whisper cool, artsy or modern. It screamed rustic, shabby-chic and country. So I listened and ran with it. It’s not necessarily my dream decor but it’s been a ton of fun to play around with.

You’ll see as I commit to actually taking before and after photos of our projects…