Homemade Buddha Bowls

Neil and I went on a 10-day California dreaming road trip in December 2018 to escape the cold and stress that the holidays can sometimes bring. It was amazing, and I’ll likely do a travel post on that at some point, but I’m mentioning this now for context. 10 days of travel = 10 days of this girl saying yes! Yes to apple pie, yes to deep fried anything, yes to all the craft beers – I’m sure you’re catching my drift! I believe vacations are for enjoyment and indulgence and that exactly what I did.

When we returned to reality, my body was craving good food. I kid you not, I was aching for vegetables – mouth watering at the thought of steamed broccoli! I went on a full blown veggie grocery shop and roasted up all the veggies my heart desired. Enter in the Buddha bowl! It’s now my new fave meal and because I’m food boring (I can eat the same thing for several weeks if I think it is delicious) this is a staple that I can mix up.

You can totally add proteins and grains. I’ve seen people who add cooked vegetables with raw ones. Whatever you wan! In the picture below I used lentils to beef it up but honestly, it wan’t necessary. I throw a little of each veg in a bowl, throw on some pea sprouts for a fresh crunch, drizzle with tahini (this is a MUST) and then drizzy on so much hot sauce. Guys – it’s everything!

Give it a try! I’d love to know what you put in your buddha bowl!img_3472

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