Feb 2019 #keepit100

Okay, full disclosure, I started this blog nearly 8 months ago and this was my first challenge. 8 months ago!! I lost the motivation to keep up this blog and to this fitness challenge. I’m going to do my best to commit to this for the month of February and see it through! All encouragement welcome! 🙂

(The post I committed to in June 2018 below) Here we go for a second try!!


Well… I’m trying to get my fitness back on track with baby steps so for my first month online documenting said challenge, I will have to complete 100 of the following exercises every.damn.day. #keepit100

I’ll allow myself the choice of completing one of the following moves each day. See what I did there? Tricking myself into thinking I have a choice? If I had my way, my choice would be mint chocolate chip ice cream on the couch while building shredded abs with each bite, but I digress…



Lunges (50 per leg)

Russian twists with 5lbs. weights in each hand

Leg Lifts (lay flat on the ground, flat hands under bum, flexed feet, lift those gams without ever touching the floor)