New backyard space

We’ve been in our home for 4 years now and we’ve done something major on a budget to our backyard every summer. To date, we’ve sanded and stained our entire pool deck and “boardwalk walkway” at the side of the house. We’ve ripped out a 12 foot rose bush, hedged and stone bordered multiple garden beds that have failed (I am NOT a green-thumb like my mother), and last year my handy-man Neil (aka love of my life) built 3 pool deck storage benches and installed a privacy screen along the back of the deck between the neighbour’s yard and ours.

This summer the decision was made to rip up a chunk of the lawn off to the side of our backyard and put down a floating deck for patio furniture and eventually an outdoor gas fire pit. No project seems too big for Neil while I usually enter into them with crossed arms and a lot of eye-rolling. These conversations typically go like this:

” I wanna rip up a chunk of the backyard and put in another deck.”

“But we have a pool deck and the deck we are currently standing on already.”

“No, but I want to build another one.”

“I’d rather save that money for granite counter tops.”

“Can’t talk right now, I’ve gotta run over to Home Depot.”

Note: my eye rolling has now begun.

Let me tell you how every project in our backyard has started out this way. If it were up to me, nothing would have been spruced up because I like to save a dollar and I felt our backyard was fine. I also don’t necessarily love manual labour. It’s not that Neil doesn’t listen to me, it’s that he knows when to call my bluff. None of our projects have been expensive ones and he too has come to love doing renovations on a dime. So, he knows I don’t have a leg to stand on in protesting any of these projects.

Here’s what “we” did:

Step 1) Dig up the lawn and transfer what plants I can salvage to pots and my other garden beds.

Step 2) Use the sod from the renovation area to patch up the side of the pool deck that became a dirt trail

Step 3) Dig up and even out the dirt pile that is our reno area, level it and cover with weed barrier

Step 4) Build and stain the new deck and voila! New backyard entertainment space! a.k.a new dance floor for Gray!

Was this an easy project? I think Neil would say it was fairly straight forward. It was a fairly simple process from my perspective while I sipped on some wine…

I’m very thankful to have a handy-man for these types of projects! Staining the deck will be all me but I’m cool with that. Painting and beautifying the house type tasks typically fall under my purview so I’m all for letting Neil be the builder, as my deck would have ended in tears!!

We throw a few backyard summer BBQ’s each summer and having this new outdoor sectional was honestly the freaking best! So many afternoons spent sipping wine, tanning while reading on my kindle, sipping wine, listening to music, sipping wine – did I mention it’s the perfect spot to lounge an enjoy some wine?? Annnnddd you know Neil had to put up an outdoor projector screen so a few late night backyard movies happened. This project was definitely one for the wine! I mean win hahah!

Here’s some proof pics below.

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