the struggle

What are the struggles of being a tall girl?

Okay, so I sometimes get the sarcastic “Oh, you’ve had a hard time walking through this world being tall and slim? Saaaarrrr Sarrrrry”. To which I’d like to reply, “embracing my 6 ft.’ stature is only now starting to become something I’m comfortable with. How many hours have you agonized over being 5”6ft? Oh, your height’s never been much of an issue for you? That sounds so nice.”

If you know me, you’ve probably heard me equate being tall with being overweight. It’s hard to find clothes that fit. People stare. People make jokes. People feel like it is completely acceptable to tell you how tall you are and ask you just how tall that is. I’m not so sure this happens for my weight watcher friends. Like, do your colleagues ask you how much you weigh? No, because that’s crazy inappropriate.

Growing up, I wore a larger size in clothing than my girlfriends because that’s what my body needed. I’ve always been relatively slim (except for those years where we bounce around with an extra 15 pounds or so when our bodies are just trying to figure their shit out). Having my girlfriends sport a size 00 pair of jeans while I sat comfortable in my size 9’s made me feel SO insecure. The irrational, hormonal girl inside me thought that if there was that much of a difference in the size of clothes I wore and the size my normal height and slim friends wore, this could only mean that I was fat. Too big. Taking up far too much space. Thus, the stereotypical teenage eating disorder blossomed. Now, I’m not saying that being a tall girl is the sole reason I developed an eating disorder but I stand behind the fact that it did not help. All I wanted was to blend in. To be the same size and look like the other petite girls I was friends with.

Now, nearly-thirty, the eating disorder troubles are dealt with, the wounds inflicted by self-loathing and depriving myself have healed over. I am now a “normal” woman who only frets about her weight once a day instead of each second. The healthy balance here is that I can think something ridiculous like “I should really shed 20 pounds so I look amazing this summer” followed immediately by a text response to one of my girlfriends that reads “all you can eat sushi tonight? Girrrrrrrrl you know I’m in!”

So, I pat myself on my back because I’m not entirely obsessed with my weight anymore. However, there’s always room for self improvement – like finally owning my height! I still face moments where I plan the perfect look which is accompanied by a pair of heels that 9 times out of 10 I’ll ditch at the last second before walking out the door because I don’t want to be a spectacle. Well I say F$@k that! I’d like to start wearing those heels! Or I’d at least like to choose not to wear them because they are torture devices, not because they make me taller.

My Neil tells me I’m a spectacle no matter what I do because he thinks I’m breathtaking. Ladies, find yourself a man like this. I can be in my roots sweatpants, big fuzzy hair with no make-up on and my guy makes me feel like I should be on the runway. He helps keeps my insecurity monster at bay. It’s so amazing to have a person like this in your corner all the time. I wish this for everyone ❤

At the end of the day, the tall girl struggle I have described is my own. Somewhere out there I am sure there exists at tall woman who has always loved her height and can’t quite relate to my experience. I’m also confident that there are some of you out there that know exactly what I’m talking about.

If you’re raising a tall girl, here are the things I wish I knew when I was growing.

You’re not going to look like the rest of your girlfriends – you’re taller and that makes you stand out. Embrace that and LOVE that.

 Boys might not go after you the same way they seem to go after your girlfriends. This is because you’re more intimidating to approach. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s probably for the best. Trust me, most high school boys are gross.

Don’t slouch to make yourself smaller. You’re not fooling anyone and you’ll only cause yourself back problems down the road. Plus, a good posture always makes you look slimmer 😉 so STAND TALL.